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The EPA proposal would let states set their own regulation standards, probably cutting a fraction of carbon dioxide emissions compared with the Obama-era plan.

  • Aug 18, 2018

The Trump administration has lost three separate cases involving environmental rollbacks this week, showing that reversing Obama-era policies is harder than it looks.

  • Aug 18, 2018

The proposed rollback of gas-mileage rules could lead to upheaval and uncertainty in the nation’s auto market.

  • Aug 2, 2018

It also calls for revoking California’s ability to set its own emission standards

  • Aug 1, 2018

Wheeler’s lobbying ties have come under increasing scrutiny now that he has taken the helm of the Environmental Protection Agency, even as he complies with federal rules.

  • Jul 30, 2018

Facing prospect of a court loss, EPA chief Andrew Wheeler overturns one of Pruitt’s final actions.

  • Jul 26, 2018

California and other states set stricter standards on car and truck gas mileage.

  • Jul 24, 2018

Accidentally released documents show officials instead emphasized the value of logging and drilling.

  • Jul 23, 2018

The Interior Department contract for an expedited environmental review allows three months to respond to hundreds of thousands of public comments.

  • Jul 19, 2018

The New York Aquarium is making a comeback after it was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, and ancient marine predators are taking center stage.

  • Jul 12, 2018
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