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While the covid-19 pandemic was spreading, many Texans convinced themselves that the threat was overblown.
  • Jun 26, 2020
These are monuments to ignorance, to denying responsibility, to the romanticization of a history without reckoning with the dehumanization and violence that came with it.
  • Jun 13, 2020
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George Floyd’s open casket forces us to confront how little has changed since Emmett Till.
  • Jun 9, 2020
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Ben's Chili Bowl survived the D.C. civil rights riots and gentrification. But 2020 almost brought this iconic business to the brink.
  • Jun 7, 2020
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The social media mess was a teachable moment; more are sure to follow.
  • Jun 3, 2020
America, a former British colony, is descending into a spiral of disease and increasing ethnic violence.
  • May 29, 2020
Clearly, industry leaders are willing to overlook the regime's abuses in exchange for cash.
  • May 18, 2020
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"Karen" and "Becky" memes are part of a long tradition of using humor to try to cope with the realities of white privilege and anti-blackness.
  • Apr 28, 2020
Turkish authorities should release the audio of Jamal’s last words in Arabic.
  • Sep 29, 2019
The repressive kingdom wants a 'Year of Entertainment.' Celebrities shouldn't participate.
  • Feb 1, 2019