The U.S. women’s team is aiming for its first medal in the not-so-easy “Swiffer sport.”

  • Jan 31, 2018

When the day begins with prayer on the way to D.C., “It’s sort of like a big Sunday school on a bus.”

  • Dec 20, 2017

Facing the retail apocalypse, stores are trying new things to woo customers.

  • Dec 16, 2017

The Latina pop star calls herself an exile. Her father’s dramatic story is the source of much of her drive.

  • Nov 29, 2017

In an endless search for meaning, the conservative writer looks to a 6th-century monk.

  • Oct 29, 2017

Nepotism and dismal appointments tainted Grant's presidency, argues a highly anticipated new biography by Ron Chernow.

  • Oct 18, 2017

The great singer-songwriter has no Oklahoma connection. Except for his archive.

  • Oct 12, 2017

His latest tome tackles the life of Ulysses S. Grant, ‘a story unlike any I have ever written.’

  • Sep 28, 2017

On the network of domestic dreams, the nearest thing to a crisis is shag carpeting.

  • Sep 24, 2017

In her memoir “Coming to My Senses,” Waters tells us about her rise to culinary fame.

  • Sep 8, 2017
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