Karla Adam



Political squabbling among UK nations will keep Britain from fielding a unified team in Brazil.

  • Jul 26, 2015

The discovery of the ancient text has stirred Muslim passions in the unlikely setting of Birmingham, England.

  • Jul 22, 2015

One measure gives parents worried about kids joining militant causes the power to get their passports revoked.

  • Jul 20, 2015

Four blasts ripped through the city’s transport system that July day, killing 52 people and injuring more than 700.

  • Jul 7, 2015

Authorities in the North African country arrest several people for aiding the gunman in the beach massacre.

  • Jun 29, 2015

One of the 3 missing sisters, whose brother has joined the Islamic State, is said to have contacted her family.

  • Jun 17, 2015

After 800 years, the old parchment has more than a little life left in it.

  • Jun 15, 2015

Female scientists were jumping on Twitter to voice their views on the controversial comments.

  • Jun 11, 2015

Scottish politician Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to the United States is being called a public relations success.

  • Jun 10, 2015

Do you know how to sign a letter to the prince?

  • Jun 4, 2015
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Karla Adam is a reporter in the Washington Post’s London bureau. Before joining the Post in 2006, she worked as a freelancer in London for the New York Times and People magazine. Adam has degrees from Queen’s University in Canada, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and the London School of Economics.
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