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Yale Law School triggers me

The party invitation that made a university go nuts.
  • Oct 15, 2021
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Time to rethink how we use animals to test pharmaceuticals

Our drug testing laws need to be modernized.
  • Oct 8, 2021
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Godspeed, Francis Collins

Francis Collins, man of science and faith, to step down as director of the National Institutes of Health.
  • Oct 5, 2021
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Why it’s not surprising that young men are abandoning college

How men went extinct.
  • Oct 1, 2021
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The needs of Haitian immigrants in Del Rio seem to match our own

We need help. Help is arriving. Why not make a virtue of necessity?
  • Sep 21, 2021
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Cremation or composting? I’d consider the latter.

Yes, I'm open to becoming a sack of dirt.
  • Sep 17, 2021
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AOC at a $300,000-per-table dinner party, and other signs of our times

Can the Met Gala be saved?
  • Sep 14, 2021
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9/11 broke us. And we are far from healed.

What we witnessed that day changed us.
  • Sep 10, 2021

The shocking saga of South Carolina’s Murdaugh family

A South Carolina parable about power.
  • Sep 8, 2021
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The Supreme Court rides to Biden’s rescue

Just when the president could be declared politically dead, the conservative majority rushes in to revive him.
  • Sep 3, 2021