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Katie Zezima

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As early voting contests approach, the senator from Texas is still betting that evangelicals will turn to him.

  • Nov 22, 2015

The GOP front-runner said the idea was floated by a reporter, not him.

  • Nov 20, 2015

Two Cuban American senators who rose together are now battling to be the new face of the Republican Party.

  • Nov 19, 2015

The bill is introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks.

  • Nov 18, 2015

He challenged the president to a debate over refugee policy.

  • Nov 18, 2015

An adviser told the New York Times that the GOP presidential contender can’t grasp national security issues.

  • Nov 17, 2015

Cruz has said he wants to bar Muslim refugees from Syria

  • Nov 16, 2015

Conservative Rep. Steve King is supporting Ted Cruz.

  • Nov 16, 2015

He would allow Christian refugees from Syria into the U.S., but not Muslim ones

  • Nov 15, 2015

Bernie Sanders said her Wall Street reforms aren’t good enough.

  • Nov 14, 2015
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