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The new policy began Jan. 7 — a week when the government shutdown had noticeably thinned the crowd on trains.

  • Jan 15, 2019

After making no progress in reducing assaults on bus drivers last year, Metro says it’s going to try thinking outside the box.

  • Jan 10, 2019

Cash-strapped WMATA is looking for bidders to help the agency explore how much it could make renting out station names.

  • Jan 7, 2019

While adding bikes could make already crowded trains feel tighter, Metro said the newer 7000-series trains have more open space.

  • Jan 2, 2019

As Metro has raised fares and cut its hours, new Census figures show that low-wage workers are less likely to commute by transit.

  • Dec 18, 2018

Masturbating on the transit system is prohibited in D.C. and Virginia — but the laws in Maryland are "murky."

  • Dec 18, 2018

A survey found that women choose alternative transportation — and pay more — to avoid feeling unsafe on public transit.

  • Dec 6, 2018

The experiment of playing music at some Metro stations seems to have gone silent. But not for long.

  • Dec 4, 2018

Sam Mencimer flagged an escalator issue to WMATA, which they said was fixed. It wasn't.

  • Dec 4, 2018

Metro playing music at three Green Line stations is met with some compliments and a lot of criticism.

  • Sep 3, 2018
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