Lee Powell

Washington, D.C.

Senior video reporter

Education: Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill., BA in political science

Lee Powell is a senior video reporter with The Washington Post. His role takes him around the county – and sometimes, the world – reporting video stories that appear on washingtonpost.com and other digital platforms. At The Post, Powell has done stories across all sections from sports to food to investigative. He shoots, reports, produces and edits his own stories. Sometimes he appears on camera – most recently as part of live Washington Post coverage of election night and Inauguration Day. He has worked at the Associated Press and the Dallas Morning News, among other newspaper and television
Latest from Lee Powell

    Dozens die in a Texas trailer. Why human smuggling won't end

    The discovery of at least 53 dead inside a sweltering tractor trailer in Texas is putting a new light on an old problem: human smuggling across borders.

    June 29, 2022

      A ship in the mud no more: Ever Forward moves forward

      For more than a month, the Ever Forward container ship has languished in the Chesapeake Bay, stuck in the mud. Its plight became something of a spectator sport.

      April 17, 2022

        Pilots wanted: Finding a new generation of aviators

        If you’ve ever wanted to be an airline pilot, now is the time. A pilot shortage has been building for years, the pandemic made it worse. Can enough get trained?

        April 6, 2022

          High oil prices mean boom times in Oklahoma

          An energy boom is taking shape in Oklahoma, thanks to high oil prices fueled by a pandemic recovery and war in Ukraine. But who's drilling may surprise you.

          March 25, 2022

            A mother and son are reunited after Russian strike sets a building ablaze

            Firefighters rescued Natalie Andriyeti and her son from a burning apartment building in Kyiv on March 15 after another Russian attack on a residential area.

            March 15, 2022

              Inside the catacombs that could shelter Odessa, Ukraine from war

              Old stone mines underneath Odessa, Ukraine - which residents call the "catacombs" - have long sheltered the city in times of strife. They may do it again.

              March 12, 2022

                Why high gas prices may be here to stay

                Oil was already at a premium coming out of the pandemic, with high demand and tight supply. The war in Ukraine has only made the situation worse.

                March 9, 2022

                  As the shells fall, one woman struggles to bury her husband

                  Volunteer fighter Volodymyr Nezhenets, 54, was fatally shot in a gun battle in Kyiv on Feb. 27. His widow, Oksana, was determined to give him a proper burial.

                  March 4, 2022

                    From sunflower oil to titanium, how the world will feel the costs of the Ukraine conflict

                    The conflict in Ukraine will have expected and unexpected consequences - from oil production to the cost of sunflower oil used in food.

                    March 4, 2022

                      ‘Wake up, the war has started’: In Ukraine, a night of terror and a scramble for gas

                      In the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, morning light on Feb. 24 brought residents to gas stations to fill up after Russian forces launched military actions.

                      February 24, 2022