The lawmakers heard from agents who apprehend undocumented immigrants at busy crossing.

  • Feb 22, 2017

The speaker will learn how undocumented immigrants are detained and what physical obstacles they encounter — and would find if Trump’s wall is built.

  • Feb 21, 2017

Government employees of all political stripes scramble for guidance about what kind of political expression is permissible in the Trump era.

  • Feb 20, 2017

An internist and longtime health administrator, David J. Shulkin is the first Cabinet pick to win complete bipartisan support.

  • Feb 13, 2017

The raids mark the first large-scale immigration action since President Trump’s Jan. 25 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

  • Feb 11, 2017

An official helping to reshape the Environmental Protection Agency under Trump is juggling his other job, as a top Republican in the Washington state Senate.

  • Feb 7, 2017

David Shulkin’s pledge for incremental change at the VA will please traditional veterans groups but may be opposed by conservatives.

  • Feb 1, 2017

Beyond dissent on the streets, the people who work for the president launch a less-visible opposition.

  • Jan 31, 2017

Jonathan B. Jarvis says history and “national policy” are often intertwined

  • Jan 30, 2017

  • Jan 26, 2017
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