Marc A. Thiessen

Washington D.C.

Columnist focusing on foreign and domestic policy
Marc Thiessen writes a column for The Post on foreign and domestic policy. He is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush. He is a Fox News contributor.
Latest from Marc A. Thiessen

An indictment would help Trump. Maybe that’s what Democrats want.

It could make Trump the Republican nominee. And Democrats have won the past two elections running against him.

March 23, 2023

Big Government is to blame for Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

Silicon Valley Bank was grossly mismanaged, but a domino-like series of government actions helped its ultimate demise.

March 15, 2023

What Pete Buttigieg could learn from Ron DeSantis

The transportation secretary failed a key test of leadership in the aftermath of the East Palestine, Ohio, trail derailment.

March 9, 2023

What would a win in Ukraine look like? Retired Gen. Jack Keane explains.

Here's what winning in Ukraine would look like and how it could be accomplished.

March 6, 2023

What Ron DeSantis got right — and wrong — on Ukraine

The real escalation risk comes not from helping Ukraine defend its borders but from a failure to do so.

February 23, 2023

MAGA world attack on Mitch Daniels is an early GOP alarm bell for 2024

The Senate is the GOP’s for the taking in 2024 — provided Republicans learn from their 2022 mistakes.

February 16, 2023

Biden’s silence on the Chinese balloon incursion speaks volumes

The administration has peddled excuse after excuse to play down the significance of China's incursion.

February 9, 2023

Biden’s boasts of bipartisanship couldn’t be further from the truth

The president's biggest State of the Union whopper? That he has presided over a golden age of bipartisan cooperation.

February 8, 2023

Republicans need to pivot on the debt limit. Here’s a winning demand.

Instead of spending cuts, Republicans should insist that the White House hand over all the classified documents found in Biden's home and former office.

February 2, 2023

Republicans pick a debt limit fight at their own peril

History is clear: Voters punish the party that plays chicken with the economy.

February 1, 2023