Most Americans support a ban on the assault rifle used in many school shootings, but it retains enormous staying power.

  • Feb 15, 2018

The president thinks that what humiliates others can strengthen his image.

  • Feb 10, 2018

The Berlin Wall has now been down as long as it was up. A reporter remembers the times he crossed it.

  • Feb 5, 2018

For special moments like the State of the Union, president pulls back on biting language.

  • Jan 30, 2018

After wave of sexual misconduct cases, men and women stumble toward a new normal.

  • Jan 28, 2018

Forget what the shutdown means. For thousands of bettors, the question is whether the government actually closed.

  • Jan 23, 2018

Always a ‘forest person,’ he ‘never knew anything about the trees,’ a onetime top Trump construction executive says.

  • Jan 13, 2018

Both sides double down on perceptions of Trump as either a racist or a truth-teller.

  • Jan 12, 2018

Antiabortion views turned into a way for voters to show they were part of Trump’s coalition.

  • Dec 12, 2017

President’s decision to attend opening of Mississippi museum leads to protests and debates.

  • Dec 8, 2017
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