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The flow rate of Frankford Creek increased 35,000 percent.
  • Jul 6, 2020
In some areas, that heat may not relent for weeks..
  • Jul 6, 2020
The wrong combination of wind and temperature can foul air quality and restrict visibility.
  • Jul 4, 2020
The sublime sunsets are thanks to atmospheric processes that feed off a perfectly-sculpted landscape.
  • Jul 3, 2020
Meteorologists say the storm in southwestern Kansas was completely "unforecasted."
  • Jul 2, 2020
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The inside scoop on D.C. weather.
  • Jul 2, 2020
The hot weather kicks off an extended heat wave for much of the nation
  • Jul 1, 2020
The National Weather Service has proposed activation of wireless alerts for the most intense storms.
  • Jul 1, 2020
The heat could fuel severe thunderstorm chances for some and exacerbate fire concerns in the Southwest.
  • Jun 30, 2020