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Karen Acompora and her husband John were pushed into advocacy after their son, Louis, was struck on the chest by a ball and died during a lacrosse game in March 2000.
  • Feb 1, 2020
"When you wake up and you’ve got a bullet in your head," former NHL goalie Clint Malarchuk says in a new documentary, "and it’s still there, you’ve got to start thinking about stuff."
  • Nov 7, 2019
More than a third of MLB teams have addressed foul ball risks or have plans to do so. Will minor league franchises, faced with smaller budgets, do the same?
  • Sep 6, 2019
Catchers are used to pain, but the sharp increase in pitch speed has exposed them to greater risks.
  • Sep 4, 2019
In this age of technicality — spread your feet, bend your knees, lower your hands, shorten your stride — the reigning NL MVP doesn’t regard it. And the results speak for themselves.
  • Aug 31, 2019
The circle’s shift reveals something about the state of the modern game.
  • Aug 29, 2019
“I just hope we were able to inspire the next Rose Lavelle, Mallory Pugh, Andi Sullivan in the crowd watching us play tonight,” Spirit Coach Richie Burke said.
  • Aug 24, 2019
Clint Hurdle strives to build an atmosphere of trust, leading one-on-one meetings in which Pirates coaches and players share things going well and not well in life.
  • Aug 24, 2019
Steve Baldwin, who owns the NWSL's Washington Spirit, has a simple explanation: “They are better than the men as athletes,”
  • Aug 23, 2019
After waiting out a 90-minute rain delay, the Spirit misses an opportunity to gain ground in the playoff race on its home field.
  • Aug 21, 2019