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Once hailed as a hero, Zimbabwe’s president has unleashed house-to-house searches, filling the prisons.

  • Jan 21, 2019

Another candidate, Martin Fayulu, defied the court and declared himself president

  • Jan 20, 2019

The ongoing protests against President Bashir are stronger than ever because of a new sense of national solidarity.

  • Jan 20, 2019

The A.U. expressed “serious doubts” over the election, called for delaying the release of final results and urgently sent a delegation to Kinshasa.

  • Jan 18, 2019

The U.S. air assault on al-Shabab has expanded in the past year under Trump. Some call it whack-a-mole, with airstrikes killing some and radicalizing others.

  • Jan 17, 2019

The terror has scarred the upscale hotel and corporate offices, and the resilient, fast-paced city of which they are a part.

  • Jan 16, 2019

One American was killed in the attack, the U.S. State Department confirmed.

  • Jan 15, 2019

Zimbabwe's new president promised a thriving economy. Instead, it has deteriorated further and threatens to tear the country apart.

  • Jan 15, 2019

Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi’s victory defied indications by polls and observers.

  • Jan 10, 2019

Out of an abundance of caution, health officials will wait three more weeks before a final declaration.

  • Jun 27, 2018
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