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Confederate groups have marched in parades in Wake Forest and Garner for years, but now the North Carolina towns say they fear "outside agitators" may cause a ruckus.
  • Dec 6, 2019
Miguel Wattson is sort of like that person in high school who was talented at everything but didn't even have to try.
  • Dec 5, 2019
“I’m a little angry, I have to say, that we started with one of the most diverse fields in our history,” said Booker, while lamenting the potential absence of any candidates of color on the debate stage later this month — including himself.
  • Dec 4, 2019
Prosecutors say Bernard Kersh's injuries aren't any worse than a small scratch on the eyebrow, but his family and defense attorneys doubt that.
  • Dec 2, 2019
An alleged gang member's attempted murder trial brought together a juror and a witness for the prosecution, who fell in love, tried to get married and have now derailed the alleged gang member's case.
  • Nov 22, 2019
The Justice Dept. said it would appeal the decision and try to proceed with the first federal executions since 2003.
  • Nov 21, 2019
Colleagues were flabbergasted as to why police did not check to make sure the gun wasn't loaded.
  • Nov 21, 2019
Families thought they were donating their loved ones' bodies for research. Instead the cadavers were dismembered and, in some cases, used in ballistics testing or as crash dummies.
  • Nov 20, 2019
Pelosi had said on Monday, "The weak response to these hearings has been, 'Let the election decide.' That dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because the President is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections."
  • Nov 19, 2019
Student funds were used to pay Trump Jr. and Trump campaign adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle, his girlfriend, for the Oct. 10 speaking engagement, which some student senators argue is a misuse of funds.
  • Nov 13, 2019