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She will be the first woman to serve as European Commission president.

  • Jul 16, 2019

Foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to try to salvage the nuclear agreement.

  • Jul 15, 2019

A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry questioned the legal basis for detaining the ship, which royal marines seized off the coast of Gibraltar last week.

  • Jul 12, 2019

The next few days could be decisive.

  • Jul 8, 2019

The same center-right party that held power before is poised to win on Sunday.

  • Jul 5, 2019

Prolonged negotiations among European leaders reflected a divided continent.

  • Jul 2, 2019

The Iranian foreign minister said the move was “reversible” but warned that Iran could continue to reduce its commitment to the pact. 

  • Jul 1, 2019

In his international debut, the acting defense secretary reassured U.S. allies rattled by President Trump’s rhetoric.

  • Jun 27, 2019

But European leaders’ influence with Tehran and Washington is limited.

  • Jun 27, 2019

European Council President Donald Tusk warns Trump to remember who is friends really are.

  • Jul 10, 2018
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