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“I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” the president tweeted.

  • Feb 20, 2019

The president has taken aim at the rail line before, saying last week that California had already “wasted many billions of dollars" on it.

  • Feb 20, 2019

“If we could get the Klan to go up there and clean out D.C., we’d all been better off," Goodloe Sutton told the Montgomery Advertiser, explaining, “We’ll get the hemp ropes out, loop them over a tall limb and hang all of them.”

  • Feb 19, 2019

Authorities say the gunman, who was killed by police fire, was an employee at the Henry Pratt Co. warehouse.

  • Feb 15, 2019

About 60 people were on board the flight from Orange County, Calif., to Seattle, which was diverted to Reno, Nev.

  • Feb 13, 2019

A 10-year-old student says his substitute teacher told him he was bound for prison based on his clothing and that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. committed suicide.

  • Feb 12, 2019

The company was also asked to hire a third party to “receive and investigate complaints of harassment, intimidation, threats, retaliation and coercion against employees throughout 2018.”

  • Feb 11, 2019

"Germs are not a real thing," host Pete Hegseth said. "I can’t see them, therefore they’re not real."

  • Feb 11, 2019

Zoo officials said they are "devastated" by the loss of the tigress, named Melati.

  • Feb 9, 2019

The Vatican referred to this as “the summer from hell for the Catholic Church.” In the pews Sunday, many struggled to cope.

  • Aug 19, 2018
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