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President Richard Nixon complained that the coverage of Manson's trial made him out to be a "rather glamorous figure" even though he was "guilty, directly or indirectly, of eight murders without reason."

  • Aug 8, 2019

The attack sent shoppers racing for cover in a chaotic but all-too-familiar scene of carnage that prompted a massive police and medical response.

  • Aug 4, 2019

The idea of blacks returning to Africa has deep roots in the country's centuries of racial oppression.

  • Jul 20, 2019

“You may never want to leave,” promises the listing for 3311 Waverly Dr. But if you Google the address, you may never want to move in.

  • Jul 18, 2019

Even when they were the target of Safire’s New York Times columns, the powerful remained on cordial terms with him — a throwback to a very different Washington.

  • Jul 13, 2019

Carvey played up Perot’s short stature, Texas twang and robust ears in skewering the candidate’s pro-business, pro-technology, pro-wealth approach to every problem.

  • Jul 9, 2019

With the U.S. women’s soccer team in Sunday's World Cup finals, we revisit Chastain's game-winning penalty kick and the exuberant, underwear-exposing celebration that followed.

  • Jul 7, 2019

The famed architect said yes, and the Pope-Leighey house in Northern Virginia remains a landmark.

  • Jul 6, 2019

A new book, “Anne Frank: The Collected Works,” includes previously unpublished letters Anne Frank wrote to her grandmother as the Nazis made their way across Europe.

  • Jun 25, 2019

Carvey's impersonation of Bush was not particularly flattering. So the Saturday Night Live star was floored when the president invited him to the White House in 1992.

  • Dec 2, 2018
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