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The former president said he was “not going to wade into House Democratic caucus politics” but proceeded to deliver what amounted to an unqualified endorsement.

  • Nov 20, 2018

The group thanked the House leader “for her years of service” but called for a new direction.

  • Nov 19, 2018

Nancy Pelosi is confident she can put down a Democratic insurrection in a fight with implications for the party, the 2020 campaign and deciding who takes on President Trump.

  • Nov 17, 2018

The two-term Massachusetts congressman has become a top enemy of liberals on and off Capitol Hill while he’s angered colleagues after House Democrats’ big electoral win.

  • Nov 17, 2018

The vote takes place in January, “so I’m not in a rush,” the Ohio congresswoman said.

  • Nov 16, 2018

Top Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is backing proposals that seek to address Democrats' concerns about the way the outgoing Republican majority ran the chamber, but also bipartisan complaints about more persistent weaknesses in House operations.

  • Nov 15, 2018

The California Democrat played down concerns about the more than a dozen members of her party demanding fresh leadership.

  • Nov 15, 2018

In an electoral year marked by a record number of women joining the House, incoming female Democrats may help decide Nancy Pelosi’s fate.

  • Nov 14, 2018

The California Republican ascended to the top job after the GOP lost its majority in the House in the midterm election, while Rep. Liz Cheney followed in her father’s footsteps by taking the party’s No. 3 job.

  • Nov 14, 2018

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), who has cast himself as a moderate on immigration policy, made at a $25-per-ticket event in his Denver-area district.

  • Aug 22, 2018
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