Nicole Ellis

Washington, D.C.

On-air reporter covering social issues and breaking news

Education: Columbia University, BA in Anthropology and Human Rights; Columbia Journalism School, MS in Journalism

Nicole Ellis an on-camera reporter and filmmaker focusing on inspired life and social issues at The Washington Post. Nicole Ellis is an Emmy nominated on-air reporter and anchor covering social issues and breaking news for The Washington Post. She hosts, produces, and directs original documentaries and breaking news videos that air on The Post’s website, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Facebook, and Twitch. She also anchors and field reports for The Post’s live broadcasts on all platforms. Her series "Should I freeze my eggs?,” is the first original documentary series produced by The Post, chro
Latest from Nicole Ellis

    White Supremacy in the U.S. Capitol

    On Jan 6th 2021, insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol. But the United States Capitol has been a battleground for white supremacy since its founding.

    October 20, 2021

      Lost Lineage: The quest to identify black Americans’ roots

      For black Americans, “Where did I come from?” is a uniquely difficult question to answer. Some are trying to change that.

      October 19, 2021

        5 tips to spot misinformation and prevent its spread

        How to spot misinformation, prevent its spread and become more media literate

        September 2, 2021

          What is White racial identity and why is it important?

          Mental health experts talk about why understanding your whiteness is an important part of self awareness for White people.

          June 18, 2021

            Racial trauma can be deadly for Black people. Here are five ways to cope with it.

            We speak with mental health experts about 5 ways Black people can cope with race-based stress.

            June 4, 2021

              These congresswomen of color survived the Capitol riot. Now, they want to fight racism.

              Lawmakers, especially women of color, are still reeling from the trauma of being inside the U.S. Capitol during an attempted insurrection by a pro-Trump mob.

              January 28, 2021

                Georgia voters: ‘My voice is important’

                Georgia voters weighed in on the importance of their state’s Senate runoff election on Jan. 5.

                January 5, 2021

                  Georgia's Senate races put a spotlight on voter suppression. Here's how it works.

                  Joe Biden’s narrow victory in Georgia, coupled with two runoff elections that will determine control of the Senate, have drawn national attention to the state.

                  December 21, 2020

                    This former sundown county expelled 1,100 black residents in a racial cleansing

                    Forsyth Georgia became a whites-only sundown county in 1912. It remained that way for over 70 years. Today, it's one of the wealthiest counties in America.

                    October 2, 2020

                      The citizen's arrest law cited in Ahmaud Arbery's death was created to control the Black population.

                      The citizen's arrest law cited as defense for Ahmaud Arbery's killing was written in 1861 and specifically designed to control Georgia's Black population.

                      September 29, 2020