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A firsthand look at what is happening during India’s crackdown in the disputed region.
  • Aug 14, 2019
Hundreds of Kashmiri politicians and party workers remain incommunicado in detention.
  • Aug 12, 2019
Much of the disputed region has been unable to communicate with the outside world for days.
  • Aug 9, 2019
A day after a critical decision that stripped the state of its autonomy, a government-imposed ban on mobile and Internet service is preventing almost all communication with residents.
  • Aug 6, 2019
Indian authorities cut off mobile and Internet services to the Himalayan region.
  • Aug 5, 2019
The body of V.G. Siddhartha, chairman of Coffee Day Enterprises, was recovered from a river in southern India on Wednesday.
  • Jul 31, 2019
The crash Sunday killed two family members and seriously injured the 19-year-old woman’s attorney.
  • Jul 31, 2019
Coffee Day Enterprises Chairman V.G. Siddhartha reportedly left a letter apologizing for his failures.
  • Jul 30, 2019
The country estimates that it is home to more than 75 percent of the world’s tigers. 
  • Jul 29, 2019
The Chandrayaan-2 probe will try to land on the uncharted lunar south-pole region, carrying the hopes of a nation.
  • Jul 22, 2019