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The Comicsgate movement isn’t defending free speech. It’s suppressing it.

As with Gamergate, the voices they seek to silence are often those of women and minorities.
  • Sep 13, 2018

Democrats need to start taking voting rights seriously

Health care, jobs, cannabis policy, and corruption are all important topics, but too many of those who embrace these ideals are unable to actually vote for them.
  • Aug 27, 2018

Holy atheism, Batman! Why superheroes might not believe in God.

Mystery and faith are essential to religion. But in the land of superheros, miracles and gods are everywhere.
  • Aug 21, 2018

TV is showing us the dark side of playing God

There's something divine about television.
  • Jan 5, 2018

With ‘Justice League,’ now there’s a Jewish superhero played by a Jewish actor on the big screen

If you believe Hollywood, heroes are supposed to be white and gentile.
  • Nov 17, 2017