Nora Krug

Washington, D.C.

Staff editor for Book World with a focus on children's books, memoirs, fiction, parenting, health and fitness

Education: Duke University, B.A. in History

Nora Krug is an editor and writer in Book World. She has worked for The Washington Post since 2007. She began at The Post writing a books column and later became a co-editor of the weekly Health and Science section. Her articles and columns have appeared in Health, Book World, Local Living and Parenting. Before joining The Post, she was an editor at the New York Times and Architectural Digest.
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    Fauci is my dog

    Anthony Fauci has inspired pet owners. Call Fauci at the dog park, and multiple hounds will howl. The physician-scientist’s name achieved “honorable mention” on's most popular list of 2020.

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      March 31, 2021

      Beverly Cleary, through Ramona, captured the essence of childhood

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      March 27, 2021

      Meet the book club that’s helping to quickly vaccinate its town

      The Fabulous Ladies Book Club has shown that immunization efforts aren’t just about getting shots into arms.

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