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But Republicans have said a nomination needs to wait until the next president is sworn in.

  • Feb 13, 2016

The short answer: Washington digs in for a fight.

  • Feb 13, 2016

The DNC lifts its ban on donations from lobbyists, which could provide Clinton with additional funds.

  • Feb 12, 2016

Restrictions were introduced by then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

  • Feb 12, 2016

Rand Paul is latest in long line of senators who came up short and returned to the Senate.

  • Feb 12, 2016

Sanders’s rise, particularly among young voters — even young African-American voters — has struck a nerve with veteran black caucus members who think the new generation is behaving naively.

  • Feb 10, 2016

Without formally stating who they want him to endorse, Clyburn made clear that the most pressure came from Clinton supporters, particularly his wife and one of his daughters.

  • Feb 9, 2016

Rubio, on immigration, is not the only GOP hopeful to work closely with the powerful New York Democrat

  • Feb 5, 2016

The Ohio Republican is facing a difficult re-election campaign against Ted Stricklandin a state that has seen a steep decline in manufacturing as a result of companies moving operations overseas.

  • Feb 4, 2016

Paul’s fundraising suffered from the Kentucky Republican’s decision to simultaneously pursue the White House and Senate reelection.

  • Feb 3, 2016
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