Paul Kane

Washington, D.C.

Senior congressional correspondent and columnist

Education: University of Delaware, BA

Paul Kane has covered Congress since 2000, when he started at Roll Call with a beat focused on the Senate. He started with The Washington Post in 2007, covering the 2008 financial crisis and the Obama-Republican fiscal wars. He began writing a regular column, @PKCapitol, on Congress and its interactions with the Trump administration in 2017. He's covered Washington's response to the global pandemic, the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, two impeachments and now writes about the Biden administration's legislative agenda on Capitol Hill.
Latest from Paul Kane

Senate workhorses face political extinction, which could leave big holes

Old age or tough reelection bids face senators who serve in bipartisan “gangs” that drove legislation into law.

January 21, 2023

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) expected to address plans in Richmond on Friday

Speculation has swirled in recent weeks and months over whether Kaine would seek a third term in the Senate.

January 19, 2023

    Will McCarthy's deals lead to debt ceiling drama?

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) assumed the House speakership on Jan. 7, but the deals he made within his party to get there may complicate the road ahead.

    January 19, 2023

    From Watergate to Jan. 6, Leahy spanned the nation’s constitutional crises

    The Vermont Democrat hopes today’s senators take to heart his words of wisdom of keeping "your word."

    January 14, 2023

    ‘It’s fast and furious’: New GOP committee chairs face learning curve

    Eight Republican chairs have each served less than 10 years in the House, up from just three who took over gavels in 2011.

    January 11, 2023

    Closest of friends, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan split over Kevin McCarthy

    The Freedom Caucus is poised to have more influence than Meadows and Jordan dreamed of when they founded it eight years ago, even if they were on different sides in the speaker fight.

    January 7, 2023

    Republicans walk out on Gaetz, and other colorful moments of speaker vote

    After four days and 15 votes, the House of Representatives finally has a speaker. Here are some of the dramatic and colorful moments from the past week.

    January 7, 2023

    The last-minute drama that momentarily derailed McCarthy — again

    Before McCarthy finally clinched the speakership, there was a near-brawl in the House late Friday as Matt Gaetz delivered a blow denying him on the 14th vote.

    January 7, 2023

    Has McCarthy given up his House speaker powers before he’s even won?

    Veterans of the recent GOP civil wars privately fear that Republicans have set themselves up for failure.

    January 5, 2023

    McCarthy makes fresh concessions to try to woo hard-right Republicans in speaker bid

    In a stunning reversal, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has made fresh concessions to a group of 20 lawmakers in hopes of ending their blockade of his speakership ahead of votes Thursday.

    January 5, 2023