Paulina Firozi

Washington, D.C.

Education: Northwestern University, BS in Journalism

Paulina Firozi is an assistant editor on the Climate and Environment team. She joined The Washington Post in 2017 and was previously a national and breaking news reporter, and a researcher for PowerPost's The Health 202 and The Energy 202 newsletters.
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Severodonetsk under assault as Kremlin forces continue to target Ukraine’s east

Russian forces advanced Sunday in the industrial hub of Severdonetsk, Ukraine’s military said. Analysts say Moscow controls most of the region.

May 29, 2022

Russians push to encircle Ukrainian troops, Pentagon says

Russia could soon make a direct assault on Severodonetsk, one of the largest eastern cities still under Ukrainian control.

May 26, 2022

'Positive’ signs but no breakthrough after talks with Sweden and Finland, says Turkish official

Swedish and Finnish delegations are in Turkey to discuss Ankara's concerns about their NATO membership bids.

May 25, 2022

Putin made ‘big strategic mistake,’ NATO chief says

The eastern city of Severodonetsk remains under Ukrainian control but is being pummeled by nearby Russian forces that are “destroying the city completely,” a local official said.

May 24, 2022

Russian soldier convicted of war crime — one of 13,000 probes, says Ukrainian official

Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking the World Economic Forum in Davos, accused Russia of “becoming a state of war criminals.”

May 23, 2022

Biden praises Sweden, Finland NATO bid; Senate approves $40 billion in Ukraine aid

The war crimes trial of Russian soldier Vadim Shishimarin, 21, who pleaded guilty to killing a civilian, is set to resume.

May 19, 2022

Senate confirms new ambassador to Ukraine; Russia displaying scaled-down ambition, U.S. says

Russian leaders are responding to the historic move by Finland and Sweden to apply to join NATO with talk of “retaliatory measures.”

May 18, 2022

Ukraine abandons defense of besieged steel plant

Sweden signed an application to join NATO, and Finland's Parliament voted to apply. Explosions rocked the Lviv region.

May 17, 2022

Evacuation of Ukrainian soldiers underway at Mariupol steel plant

Even as Russia secured a victory in Mariupol, it suffered another setback on the global stage, as Sweden ended 200 years of military nonalignment to join Finland in applying for NATO membership.

May 16, 2022

Sweden, Finland move toward NATO membership

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said Sunday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has undermined “the European security order."

May 15, 2022