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It’s part of a broader effort to ensure that transgender and non-binary students feel welcome.

  • Nov 12, 2018

Drop of 4.6 percentage points at traditional public high comes amid heightened scrutiny.

  • Nov 9, 2018

The demonstration drew widespread condemnation.

  • Nov 8, 2018

Number of students at charter schools grows, albeit at a slower rate than previously.

  • Nov 7, 2018

Three of the four seats on the ballot went to candidates backed by the teachers union.

  • Nov 6, 2018

Kelly Harper of Amidon-Bowen will now be considered for national recognition.

  • Nov 6, 2018

District officials disagree.

  • Nov 5, 2018

The election arrives after a fraught year for the District’s schools.

  • Nov 3, 2018

A candidate supported by Mayor Muriel E. Bowser is challenging the incumbent for an at-large seat.

  • Nov 2, 2018

The anti-Trump projection art followed the president to Japan.

  • Nov 6, 2017
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