Peter W. Stevenson

Washington, D.C.

Senior political producer

Education: Indiana University

Peter W. Stevenson writes The 5-Minute Fix newsletter and covers national and state politics for The Fix. He joined The Post in 2015, and became The Post's senior political video producer in 2017. Peter was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2020 for "2C: Beyond the Limit," a series of stories about climate change hotspots around the world. He won two Edward R. Murrow awards, one for Investigative Reporting and one for Excellence in Social Media, in 2017. He was previously a freelance photographer, covering state politics and the economy in Indiana, then national politics on Capitol H
Latest from Peter W. Stevenson

The filibuster, explained

President Biden has called to suspend the Senate filibuster so Democrats can codify abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

July 1, 2022

    Supreme Court Justice Breyer is retiring. Here’s what happens next.

    Here's what happens after Justice Stephen G. Breyer retires from the Supreme Court – and how President Biden will pick a successor.

    January 26, 2022

      The Facebook Papers: What Mark Zuckerberg told Congress vs. what Facebook said internally

      The Facebook Papers show what its employees knew about how the website fostered polarization and how it contrasted with CEO Mark Zuckerberg's public comments.

      October 25, 2021

      Cuomo’s harassment scandals will give New York its first female governor, Kathy Hochul

      She has been by Cuomo's side for the past six years but is controversy free and well liked among New York Democrats.

      August 12, 2021

        Why infrastructure still faces an uphill climb in Congress

        The Fix’s Peter W. Stevenson analyzes the Democratic strategy for passing President Biden’s infrastructure agenda and the potential pitfalls it faces.

        July 21, 2021

          Why Congress decided to bring back earmarks

          After a 10-year ban on earmarks, Congress plans to bring back the practice that allows federal funds to be set aside for specific projects in 2021.

          July 12, 2021

          The special grand jury used in Trump’s case, explained

          The Manhattan district attorney has convened a special grand jury to consider charges against former president Donald Trump.

          July 1, 2021

            Why Biden’s infrastructure plan is in jeopardy

            President Biden may have undercut a bipartisan infrastructure deal by trying to please moderate and liberal Democrats. The Fix’s Peter W. Stevenson explains.

            June 29, 2021

            The White House stumbles on its delicate infrastructure dance

            There's an uneasy detente between Biden and moderate Senate Republicans — but the president can't pass everything he wants to without keeping liberals happy, too.

            June 28, 2021

            The tightrope walk Democrats have ahead on two separate infrastructure bills

            Biden has the bipartisan compromise he's sought for months with Republicans – but now he has to keep his own party happy, too.

            June 24, 2021