Philip Bump

New York

National columnist focused largely on the numbers behind politics

Education: Ohio State University

Philip Bump is a columnist for The Washington Post based in New York. He writes the weekly newsletter How To Read This Chart, to which you should subscribe. He's also the author of The Aftermath: The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America.
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DeSantis’s policies get some mixed reviews … from DeSantis supporters

Polling on a spate of policies the Florida governor has enacted shows a limited appeal — and potential damage in support.

March 27, 2023

Why guns are America’s number one killer of children

In part, we're better at preventing car-crash deaths. In part, our gun culture is exceptional.

March 27, 2023

As always, Republicans are ready to give Trump a pass

New polls show that Trump's party objects to criminal charges, both specifically and in general.

March 27, 2023

In Waco, Trump stokes anger and valorizes violent actors

At his dubiously timed rally in Waco, Tex., Trump paired calls for resistance with tacit assurances that those who did would be valorized.

March 27, 2023

Here’s who doesn’t pay attention to political news (not you)

Groups that pay attention to political news are often those who benefit from politics.

March 24, 2023

The systemic bias of state-level anti-gay legislation

Elected officials in Florida and Texas are using control of schools to make the lives of gay Americans more difficult.

March 24, 2023

Giuliani says maybe Soros himself tried to block his plane in Ukraine

To be fair, it's not like we didn't know that the former New York mayor told unbelievable stories.

March 23, 2023

Ray Epps seeks the seemingly impossible: An apology from Tucker Carlson

The man at the center of numerous unfounded Jan. 6 conspiracy theories is demanding that the Fox News personality central to spreading those theories retract his comments.

March 23, 2023

Trump’s kitchen-sink attack on DeSantis, parsed

The former president offered a sprawling attack on his likely 2024 opponent on Wednesday. Some of it was even accurate.

March 23, 2023

Trumpworld discovers that criminals sometimes lie

Yes, Michael Cohen at one point denied criminality in the Stormy Daniels incident. Then he didn't.

March 23, 2023