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What’s not to like? Instagram lets users hide ‘like’ counts on posts.

Instagram will let some users hide likes, in a move the company hopes will ease social pressure on the platform.
  • Apr 15, 2021

Big tech CEOs face lawmakers in House hearing on social media’s role in extremism, misinformation

Lawmakers interrogate the chief executive officers of Google, Facebook and Twitter on the role their companies have played in promoting extremism and spreading misinformation.
  • Apr 9, 2021

Vaccine passport apps are here. But the technical challenges are still coming.

Vaccine passports need to be standardized to be useful. Several different organizations are creating different standards.
  • Apr 2, 2021

Facebook and Twitter must do more to fight anti-vaccine misinformation, a dozen state attorneys general demand

State attorney generals want social networks to take stronger measures to ensure misinformation doesn't slow down efforts to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Mar 24, 2021

Ousted Parler CEO sues company, alleges stake was taken

John Matze, the founder and one-time CEO of Parler, alleges he was forced out of the company and his stake was stolen.
  • Mar 23, 2021

Child dies after accident with Peloton treadmill

Peloton CEO John Foley informed some customers about an accident involving the company's treadmill that led to a child's death.
  • Mar 18, 2021

Amazon built its own health-care service for employees. Now it’s selling it to other companies.

Amazon said Wednesday it will expand Care, its service for employees that connects them virtually (and sometimes in person) to doctors and nurses.
  • Mar 17, 2021

Sanders, Warren reveal bill to tax CEO pay during income inequality hearing targeting Amazon

The hearing before the Senate Budget Committee started with Sen. Bernie Sanders lambasting income inequality during the pandemic.
  • Mar 17, 2021

Teenage ‘mastermind’ involved in celebrity Twitter hack will serve three-year sentence

An 18-year-old behind last summer's high-profile Twitter hack will be incarcerated for three years and on probation for another three.
  • Mar 16, 2021

Tinder’s upcoming feature for singles? A criminal background check on potential dates.

Tinder is investing in background check Garbo, which says it works to balance privacy and safety.
  • Mar 16, 2021