Reem Akkad

Washington, D.C.

Visual Enterprise Editor, Foreign Desk

Education: Columbia University, Master's in International Affairs

Reem Akkad is the visual enterprise editor for The Washington Post’s Foreign Desk, charged with imagining and executing immersive multimedia storytelling on the world’s most urgent stories. Working in collaboration with photo, video, print, design and graphics, she has overseen a wide range of visually driven projects, from the toll of covid-19 on India to Scotland’s push for renewable energy. Akkad was previously a senior producer for the original video team at The Post, where she helped lead a team of 10 video journalists who film, produce and edit short- and medium-form pieces, as well as
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Life after gold

How winning trained these Olympians to face the unexpected.

July 28, 2021

    Israel killed 14 of his family members in Gaza. Now he fears he will lose his wife too.

    A Palestinian shopkeeper in Gaza hasn't been able to bring himself to tell his injured wife that two of their daughters are gone.

    May 28, 2021

      Falling behind | Virtual learning through a pandemic

      Remote learning has presented unique challenges for students, like Ana Reyes, who are also immigrants and speak English as as second language.

      April 22, 2021

        A city in mourning: Boulder residents say they are angry and devastated

        Boulder residents paid their respects to the lives lost on March 22 and reflected on the long history of high-profile mass shootings in Colorado.

        March 23, 2021

          The Black women who changed America's future

          Throughout America's history, Black women have fought for civil rights and women's rights, often at great personal risk. They paved the way for Kamala Harris.

          March 1, 2021

            George Floyd’s aunt reflects on his legacy: 'We thought we had all the time in the world'

            In the fall of 2020, Angela Harrelson, George Floyd’s aunt, spoke to The Post about George Floyd’s struggles and the legacy he leaves behind.

            October 21, 2020

              George Floyd's death became a symbol for racial injustice. Racism also played a role in his life.

              George Floyd’s death became a symbol for police brutality. Those who knew him say it was also a stark reminder of the racism they've faced all their lives.

              October 7, 2020

                For two families, Breonna Taylor’s death is a reminder of the women they lost

                Breonna Taylor’s death commanded national attention. For India Kager and Tanisha Anderson, who also died during police encounters, the same was not true.

                September 4, 2020

                  Who is Kamala Harris? A look back at the vice president-elect's rise

                  Before Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) became the first Black woman and Asian American to win the vice presidency, she was a trailblazer in California politics.

                  August 12, 2020

                    Invisible Olympians: The story behind the 1980 Olympics boycott

                    Years after a group of American athletes were forced to skip the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow because of the U.S. boycott, a difficult legacy remains.

                    July 15, 2020