Pat Huffman has raised thousands for charity through dedicated racing; a race director said she took a short cut in one of them.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Expansive report urges a radical overhaul of the league’s medical practices.

  • Nov 17, 2016

Was leaping the line legal? Was shoving the long snapper permissible? Was any of it according to the rules? Yes, yes and yes.

  • Nov 14, 2016

By hosting a new podcast, the disgraced former cycling champion takes ‘a gentle step’ forward with his life.

  • Nov 6, 2016

Five cars, 13 guys, countless energy drinks and 2,900 miles of asphalt: Welcome to the modern-day descendant of the 1970s Cannonball Runs, a New York-to-California dash against the clock.

  • Oct 28, 2016

“We have no idea what happened yet,” said father of one of the players charged with staging a gladiator-style fight between freshman teammates.

  • Oct 20, 2016

Three-star recruit Aidan Howard transferred after being forced into a gladiator-style fight as teammates and a graduate assistant coach watched.

  • Oct 19, 2016

49ers fans finally saw the quarterback do something following the anthem. It wasn’t always pretty.

  • Oct 16, 2016

Departure of five teams in past week leaves league scrambling.

  • Oct 14, 2016

  • Oct 11, 2016
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