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Justices may need to review recent ruling that count may not include citizenship question.

  • Jan 18, 2019

The court is being asked to square conflict between the states’ power to regulate alcohol and laws meant to discourage protectionist practices.

  • Jan 16, 2019

The case emerged from a Miami-area robbery.

  • Jan 15, 2019

The novel legal challenge said Rod J. Rosenstein should have succeeded Jeff Sessions.

  • Jan 14, 2019

The 85-year-old justice will miss next week’s arguments, but she continues to participate in case decisions, the court said.

  • Jan 11, 2019

Should justices overturn a precedent that says states can be sued in other states without their consent? The case is a key test of a concept called stare decisis, or respecting past decisions, for the court’s strengthened conservative majority.

  • Jan 9, 2019

It is thought to be the first time that an aspect of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign has reached the high court.

  • Jan 8, 2019

It is customary for new justices to receive relatively noncontroversial cases for their debuts, and Kavanaugh’s fit that bill.

  • Jan 8, 2019

The 85-year-old justice had cancer surgery on Dec. 21. She had not missed a session since she joined the court in 1993.

  • Jan 7, 2019

Electronic devices are banned from the grand courtroom. Not even lawyers can have a cellphone in the room.

  • Apr 25, 2017
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