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Roberto A. Ferdman

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The shift in the company’s policy points to a fundamental change in the fast-food world.

  • Nov 16, 2015

Donald Trump says France needs more guns.

  • Nov 14, 2015

Even the maker of Cheerios knows Americans are bad at math.

  • Nov 13, 2015

An undercover video raises serious concerns about the conditions at one of the biggest pork processors in the U.S.

  • Nov 11, 2015

This fast food company won’t do what McDonald’s and almost everybody else are doing.

  • Nov 6, 2015

These are the foods that overweight kids eat.

  • Nov 5, 2015

Americans tend to respond in the most American way possible.

  • Nov 3, 2015

The company’s mission, centered on the value of a plant-based diet, is related to what the writer advocated for years.

  • Nov 2, 2015

An interesting thing happens when you look at what’s actually going on.

  • Nov 2, 2015

Mark Bittman is getting involved in a meal kit delivery startup.

  • Nov 2, 2015
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