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The package is expected to be worth significantly more than the existing $3.1 billion agreement.

  • Jul 29, 2016

Israel is accused of “systematically undermining” prospects for peace with the Palestinians.

  • Jul 29, 2016

Despite deadly attacks and criticism from the world, some people want to keep building.

  • Jul 24, 2016

A year ago a 16-year-old was stabbed to death during the annual parade. Her assailant was an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man opposed to gay rights.

  • Jul 20, 2016

Critics on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict blame social media for violence and hate.

  • Jul 15, 2016

Rabbi Col. Eyal Krim’s response to question on justification of rape during wartime and women serving in the military is drawing heated criticism.

  • Jul 13, 2016

The law imposes new requirements on NGOs that receive funding from foreign governments. Human rights organizations say it targets them specifically.

  • Jul 12, 2016

The foreign minister’s trip to Israel was the first in nine years — itself a feat in today’s Middle East.

  • Jul 11, 2016

More than 135,000 Ethiopian Jews now live in Israel today.

  • Jul 10, 2016

The Israeli prime minister, visiting Africa this week, hopes to strengthen diplomatic ties in exchange for security expertise.

  • Jul 5, 2016
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