Sammy Westfall

Washington, D.C.

Assistant Editor on the Foreign desk

Education: Yale University, BA in history and political science

Sammy Westfall is an assistant editor on The Washington Post's Foreign desk. She started at The Post as a Bradlee reporting fellow on the Foreign desk and has previously reported for Vice, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Toledo Blade. She also served as the editor in chief of the Yale Daily News, her college newspaper.
Latest from Sammy Westfall

Spain mulls plans for paid ‘menstrual leave,’ wider abortion access

If approved, the bill would make Spain the first European country to grant workers paid time off for period pain.

May 18, 2022

    What is NATO, and why isn’t Ukraine a member?

    The Ukrainian government wants to join NATO — but Russia wants the alliance to stop expanding. Now, Finland is taking steps to join.

    May 12, 2022

      Philippine election: How did Marcos win the presidency?

      His father was a dictator. But Marcos's victory at the polls should not come as a surprise.

      May 11, 2022

      Marcos family once ousted by uprising wins Philippines vote in landslide

      Unofficial tallies show an overwhelming win for the children of two strongmen, suggesting a population that has lost faith in liberal democracy.

      May 10, 2022

      Don’t be ‘Putin’s altar boy,’ Pope warns Russian Orthodox leader

      During their conversation, Pope Francis said, Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill was listing off all the justifications for the war from a sheet of paper he was holding.

      May 4, 2022

      Russia steps up attacks on Ukraine’s railways, power stations

      The evacuations from the Azovstal steel plant come as Moscow reportedly prepares to annex Ukrainian territory, including Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson.

      May 3, 2022

        Why is Ukraine’s Donbas region a target for Russian forces?

        Russia is preparing to formally claim vast new swaths of Ukrainian territory, including the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, the United States said.

        May 3, 2022

          How abortion laws in the U.S. compare with those in other countries

          Chief Justice Roberts said Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban was 'the standard’ around the world. The reality is more complicated. As access has declined in many states, including Texas, other countries have made it easier.

          May 3, 2022

          Some Eid celebrations marred by war, others return to pre-covid scale

          In Ukraine, some members of a small and diverse Muslim community gathered amid the devastation of the war for morning prayers at the Kyiv Islamic Cultural Center.

          May 2, 2022

          Shift to ruble in Kherson could signal consolidation of Russian control in occupied region

          Russia may be trying to "exert strong political and economic influence in Kherson over the long term,” Britain's Defense Ministry said.

          May 1, 2022