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A trio of national polls conducted after the New Hampshire primary have provided a lot of fresh data that gives us a sense of how Democrats view their choices for president.
  • Feb 19, 2020
Support for Biden falls sharply after Iowa and New Hampshire as Bloomberg rises.
  • Feb 19, 2020
  • Analysis
The massive study found many bogus respondents just clicking the most positive response for everything
  • Feb 18, 2020
  • Analysis
See the strengths and weaknesses of each Democratic candidate according to a survey of New Hampshire voters as they exited randomly selected precincts across the state.
  • Feb 12, 2020
  • Analysis
But nearly half are worried that Trump’s actions have increased the risk of war or terrorism against Americans.
  • Jan 28, 2020
Economy and easing of perceptions of financial strains boost president’s approval and narrow margins in tests against possible Democratic rivals
  • Jan 27, 2020
Two-thirds say the Senate should hear testimony from new witnesses in the impeachment trial.
  • Jan 24, 2020
The survey, one of the most extensive studies to date on the views of African Americans about the 2020 election, finds that defeating President Trump is personally important to an overwhelming majority in that group.
  • Jan 11, 2020
Poll finds broad and bipartisan support for Trump allowing top aides to testify at a Senate trial.
  • Dec 17, 2019