Unified Democrats give Northam a boost, but the race is still fluid five weeks before Election Day

  • Oct 5, 2017

A Washington Post-ABC News poll tapped Americans' one-word assessments of Trump

  • Sep 27, 2017

A Washington Post-ABC poll also found a large majority supports making employers verify workers are in U.S. legally.

  • Sep 25, 2017

The president’s image overall remains negative, but he gets strong marks for his handling of hurricanes and a deal with Democrats.

  • Sep 24, 2017

While fans who say their interest has diminished aren’t huge in number, their reasons have caused concern among sport’s power brokers.

  • Sep 6, 2017

New Washington Post-UMass Lowell data shows that despite all its challenges, the NFL remains as popular as ever.

  • Sep 6, 2017

Many are fans of both sports, which are more popular with under-40 audiences.

  • Aug 25, 2017

But a new Washington Post-ABC News survey shows little change in the president’s overall rating.

  • Aug 21, 2017

Diplomacy doubts, concerns about strikes hitting the U.S. could drive up support.

  • Aug 10, 2017

And it's one that his DOJ's new initiative seeks to address.

  • Aug 2, 2017
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