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Commerce Department security unit evolved into counterintelligence-like operation, Washington Post examination found

The obscure Investigations and Threat Management Service (ITMS) used tactics, including broad keyword searches on employee emails and scouring Americans’ social media for criticism of the census, to gather information on hundreds of people inside and outside the department, documents and interviews show.
  • May 24, 2021

17 requests for backup in 78 minutes

A reconstruction shows how failures of planning and preparation left police at the Capitol severely disadvantaged on Jan. 6.
  • Apr 15, 2021

Postal Service finds no evidence of mail ballot fraud in Pa. case cited by top Republicans

Postal worker Richard Hopkins told federal agents he “assumed” supervisors discussed illegally backdating ballots and recanted his claims, Inspector General report says.
  • Mar 17, 2021

A GOP donor gave $2.5 million for a voter fraud investigation. Now he wants his money back.

The story behind financier Fred Eshelman’s donation to True the Vote provides new insights into the frenetic period when baseless claims led donors to give hundreds of millions of dollars to reverse President Biden’s victory.
  • Feb 15, 2021

Wealthy donors received vaccines through Florida nursing home

The invitations alarmed local officials and may have violated state and national guidelines.
  • Jan 5, 2021

Ex-cop hits truck thinking it held 750,000 fraudulent ballots, police say. It held air conditioning parts.

The incident in Houston was part of a wider investigation backed by a conservative Texas nonprofit.
  • Dec 21, 2020

Where Republicans in Congress stand on Trump’s false claim of winning the election

The Washington Post asked Republicans in Congress three questions. Who won the presidential election? Where do you stand on Trump's efforts to claim victory? Will you accept Joe Biden as the legitimately elected president? Here's what they said.
  • Dec 15, 2020

Audio recording shows Pa. postal worker recanting ballot-tampering claim

The letter carrier told investigators on Monday that his allegations were based on ‘assumptions’ after he overheard snippets of a conversation among co-workers standing nearly out of earshot in a noisy mail facility in Erie, Pa.
  • Nov 11, 2020

Postal worker recanted allegations of ballot tampering, officials say

A Pennsylvania postal worker whose claims have been cited by top Republicans as potential evidence of widespread voting irregularities recanted to U.S. Postal Service investigators.
  • Nov 10, 2020

Trump campaign flouted agreement to follow health guidelines at rally, documents show

The campaign signed an agreement pledging to limit attendance at the Duluth, Minn., event to 250 people. Officials estimate more than 2,500 came.
  • Oct 24, 2020