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President Trump is skipping the regional summits in Asia at a time of heightened rivalry with Beijing.

  • Nov 12, 2018

The discovery brings investigators closer to solving the mystery of how an almost-new plane could go down in clear skies. 

  • Nov 1, 2018

Rescuers are searching the sea for the fuselage and recorders to get crucial clues on what went wrong. 

  • Oct 30, 2018

The nearly brand-new Boeing jet plunged into the Java Sea shortly after takeoff.

  • Oct 29, 2018

An improbable alliance has emerged between Malaysia’s prime minister and his former foe, Anwar Ibrahim, who now could be on the threshold of power at a critical time.

  • Oct 27, 2018

Across Asia, markets tumbled following a sharp fall in U.S. markets, losing almost $5 trillion in value since the start of the year. 

  • Oct 24, 2018

A $20 billion, 34-mile sea crossing connecting Hong Kong and Macau with mainland China opened even as some question its value. 

  • Oct 23, 2018

Dodging Myanmar's media minders and seeking stories on a government-run tour of its ravaged Rohingya region.

  • Oct 13, 2018

Myanmar faces international condemnation for persecution of Rohingya Muslims, but the government claims it was quelling an insurgency and wants the world to know their side of the story.

  • Oct 9, 2018

Cambodia's U.N.-led democratic experiment is expected to receive a crushing blow Sunday, as the country goes to the polls in an election all but engineered to deliver a win for Hun Sen.

  • Jul 27, 2018
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