The Pentagon has removed Turkey from an F-35 fighter jet program in response to its acquisition of the Russian system.

"Hodan noticed the people bathing in the ocean, the orchards in the courtyards, and the radiance of the setting sun," one Somali writer recalled.

John F. Kennedy and François Mitterrand are among those who hid serious illnesses from the public.

Some wondered how the episode would affect the way ambassadors communicate moving forward.

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The Afghan ambassador to Washington said it was "absolutely heartbreaking and very aggravating” to see deadly attacks continue during peace talks.

English is far from the only language spoken in Great Britain, from Gaelic and Welsh to Punjabi and Polish.

Indonesia's top court ruled that sharing the recordings amounted to distributing pornography.

Some of those killed were supposed to leave Libya through a voluntary U.N. program in the coming days.

A quick catch-up on what's been happening in Hong Kong.

No Afghan woman has ever won an Olympic medal. This 25-year-old Afghan black belt hopes to become the first. 

That shows us little has changed in the past decade.

G-20 leaders gathered for a “family photo.” Well, family can be complicated.

For many, the wrenching photo recalled the image of Alan Kurdi, a 3-year-old Syrian boy who lay lifeless on a beach in a doomed attempt to reach Europe.

In 2011, a U.S. drone went down over Iran.

Confused about what's going on with Iran? Here's the rundown.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo included the May 31 bombing of a U.S. convoy in Kabul on a list of recent attacks carried out by Iran or its surrogates.

The move against Keramuddin Keram, former president of the Afghan Football Federation, came a day after FIFA banned him for life.

Officials have shut down some clinics and blood banks in a bid to control the spread. 

Last year, an unprecedented truce sparked widespread celebrations across Afghanistan. This year looks different.

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