Stephanie McCrummen

Washington, D.C.

National Writer

Education: Columbia University, MA in Journalism; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA in History

Stephanie McCrummen is a staff reporter who travels the country writing long-form stories about people and situations that help illuminate the national conversation. Previously, she was a foreign correspondent covering East and Central Africa and a metro reporter covering suburban Virginia. She joined The Washington Post in 2004. Before that she was a general assignment reporter for Newsday. Stephanie is originally from Birmingham, Alabama.
Latest from Stephanie McCrummen

In rural Georgia, an unlikely rebel against Trumpism

Cody Johnson could have embodied the extremism around him, if not for the Army, the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson and a moral compass he found along the way.

December 22, 2022

‘It was almost post-apocalyptic’: A reckoning awaits Seoul’s crowd tragedy

In the aftermath of the tragedy, South Koreans are asking why public safety officials did not anticipate the need to manage a crowd of tens of thousands of partygoers expected for the wildly popular Halloween celebrations.

October 31, 2022

How one small-town lawyer faced down the plans of election skeptics

In Pickens County, Ga., election skeptics had a plan to unseal ballots and make them open records until Phil Landrum, the county attorney, decided to stop them.

October 30, 2022

Young guns

Should 18-year-olds be able to buy semiautomatic rifles? In Georgia, two young men who want to be the "good guys with guns" have differing views.

July 31, 2022

The town crier

A Georgia woman who reveres Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene and is known online as ‘Burnitdown' portends what the Trump movement is becoming.

June 11, 2022

‘Gutted’: What happened when a Georgia elections office was targeted for takeover by those who claim the 2020 election was a fraud

What happened to a Georgia elections office that was targeted for takeover by those who believe the 2020 election was a fraud.

March 14, 2022

A maternity ranch is born

With the Texas abortion law, some evangelical Christian opponents of Roe v. Wade are planning for a new era and the opportunities that arise when church becomes a social safety net.

November 16, 2021

‘I’m begging you. ... Take that shot.’

As Alabama sees a spike in coronavirus cases, doctors hear firsthand from patients why they won't get vaccinated.

August 19, 2021

An American Kingdom

A new and rapidly growing Christian movement is openly political, wants a nation under God’s authority, and is central to Donald Trump’s GOP

July 11, 2021

‘We’re going to take care of you, okay?’

In Alabama, the scramble to get vaccines to the people in greatest need

March 27, 2021