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Months before he launched his first political campaign, he joined the Navy Reserve, adding a valuable credential to his résumé: Veteran.

  • Jul 29, 2019

The city invented the ticker-tape parade in 1886. The World Cup champs are getting one again.

  • Jul 10, 2019

Armored vehicles and flyovers by military jets punctuated the president’s Lincoln Memorial speech.

  • Jul 4, 2019

An attack on a Florida yoga studio offers a chilling window into the world of male supremacy and its ties to other hate groups.

  • Jun 7, 2019

Kathy Wankel caught a glimpse of a 66 million-year-old shoulder blade. Her find continues to make history.

  • Jun 1, 2019

Robert Rayford died nearly a decade before the country’s first known AIDS cases, changing the narrative about the epidemic.

  • May 15, 2019

Security footage showed the man tapping at the edge with his cane, and then plunging.

  • Apr 13, 2019

The crash occurred early Monday; Sherry Lawrence, 56, died at a hospital Thursday.

  • Apr 13, 2019

Tourists and locals alike thronged the outdoors in relief after a punishing winter.

  • Mar 30, 2019

The history of presidents speaking at funerals began with Lyndon Johnson paying tribute to poet Carl Sandburg.

  • Sep 1, 2018
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