Steven Overly

Washington, D.C.

Steven Overly anchored and edited The Washington Post's Innovations blog. He left The Post in May 2017.
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In the future, virtual assistants will not only take orders. They’ll also have ideas of their own.

Humans may not be taking direct orders from their technology, at least not yet.

May 3, 2017

Uber’s head of self-driving cars, accused of stealing a competitor’s secrets, just stepped aside

Anthony Levandowski has emerged as a central figure in the intellectual property dispute between Uber and Waymo.

April 27, 2017

Uber’s ‘fingerprinting’ of iPhones after users delete app has sparked an FTC complaint

The group claims that Uber's practice of tagging iPhones was “unfair and deceptive.”

April 27, 2017

Waymo is giving hundreds of people access to their own self-driving cars

This is one of the largest and most public efforts yet to put ordinary people inside cars of the future.

April 25, 2017

Why Amazon’s use of self-driving technology would be a game changer

“When Amazon sneezes, everyone wakes up.”

April 25, 2017

New York could force Uber to change its policy on tipping drivers

Drivers have long called on Uber to introduce electronic tipping.

April 17, 2017

Judge tells Uber to investigate accusations that employees stole secrets from Waymo

The ongoing lawsuit embroils two of the leading developers of self-driving technology in Silicon Valley.

April 5, 2017

The unexpected ways our lives will change when cars drive themselves

Andreessen Horowitz investor Benedict Evans outlines bold predictions for the future of electric, autonomous vehicles.

April 5, 2017

We know more about that crash involving Uber’s self-driving car

The Uber SUV struck a traffic signal pole and two other vehicles, according to a police report.

March 29, 2017

Trump touts jobs as Ford invests $1.2 billion in Michigan plants. But there are some caveats.

The investments were part of a 2015 labor agreement, and Ford is banking on Trump easing federal regulations.

March 28, 2017