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Hollywood writers are suing their own agents over packaging fees and alleged conflicts of interest.

  • Apr 17, 2019

Earnings figures for the first quarter exceeded expectations, but Netflix’s guidance for the second quarter was shaky.

  • Apr 16, 2019

With rhetoric high and no deal reached, Hollywood writers have begun saying goodbye to their agents.

  • Apr 13, 2019

With streaming services piling up and costs rising (you can now add Disney+ to your list of monthly bills), the original promise has lost its luster.

  • Apr 13, 2019

The service will be launched Nov. 12, and will cost $6.99 a month — or $69.99 annually.

  • Apr 11, 2019

Every once in a while, a summer sleeper comes along and upends the box office. A whimsical look at a Beatles-less world may soon do just that.

  • Apr 9, 2019

Some people in the movie business are working very hard to fight against and expand beyond the megastudio's formula of blockbusters.

  • Apr 8, 2019

Disney and Fox have been combined. But creating a behemoth is harder than it looks.

  • Apr 4, 2019

The upcoming slate of Warner Bros. movies looks a lot different than you might expect.

  • Apr 3, 2019

After his arraignment, Weinstein posted $1 million bail and surrendered his passport. “This defendant used his position, money and power to lure young women into situations where he was able to violate them sexually,” the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Joan llluzzi, said as she read the charges in New York Criminal Court.

  • May 25, 2018
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