Sudarsan Raghavan


Correspondent at large

Education: University of California at Los Angeles, political science and economics; Columbia University, master's in journalism; Columbia University, master's in international affairs; Columbia University, graduate-level certificate in South Asia studies

Sudarsan Raghavan is a correspondent at large for The Washington Post, based out of Barcelona. He has spent the past three decades mostly as a foreign correspondent posted variously in Baghdad, Cairo, Johannesburg, Kabul, Madrid and Nairobi (twice), reporting from more than 65 countries on four continents. He has extensively covered Islamist movements, global terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and its aftermath, the 2003 Iraq invasion, the 1996 rise of the Taliban, its 2001 fall and 2021 recapture of Afghanistan. He has also covered the Israel
Latest from Sudarsan Raghavan

As Luhansk falls to the Russians, civilians are desperate to evacuate

As Russian forces push deeper into Ukraine’s Donbas region, hundreds are fleeing towns and villages every day, including areas once viewed as safe.

May 31, 2022

    A civilian exodus from Ukraine's east

    Volunteers help evacuate elderly Ukrainians from Bakhmut in the Donbas region, where Russian forces are attempting a strategic push to capture territory.

    May 31, 2022

    Ukrainian volunteer fighters in the east feel abandoned

    In a rare interview, a Ukrainian military commander and his top lieutenant describe disillusionment, deprivations and a sense of certain death among their troops on the front lines in Donbas.

    May 26, 2022

    Dodging shells, mines and spies: On the front with Ukraine’s snipers

    A visit to the town of Maryinka brings a rare close-up look at the nature of the war in eastern Ukraine, described by Ukraine’s president as “hell.”

    May 21, 2022

      Follow a Ukrainian sniper team along the front lines of the war

      The Washington Post’s Sudarsan Raghavan was with Ukrainian troops as they set up a sniper position on the front line with Russian forces.

      May 20, 2022

      In Ukraine, a perilous journey to bury a 13-year-old girl

      When the war is never far away, and the priests wear body armor, even burying a child is a risk.

      May 20, 2022

      Through child marriage or paid adoption, Afghan girls bear brunt of crisis

      Officials say they are receiving reports of a rise in child marriages and sales of babies for adoptions as Afghans seek ways to cope with the economic crisis.

      April 14, 2022

      Russia’s war dead belie its slogan that no one is left behind

      As Russian mothers and widows grieve, countless bodies are unclaimed in Ukraine.

      April 8, 2022

      Right-wing Azov Battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine

      Militia with far-right views says it welcomes all volunteers, regardless of ideology, in the fight against Russia.

      April 6, 2022

      In bloodied front-line town, Ukrainian forces push Russians back

      Once an affluent suburb, devastated Moshchun is now an emblem of Ukrainian resistance

      March 30, 2022