Szu Yu Chen

Los Angeles, CA

Graphics Reporter

Education: Northeastern University, MA Journalism

Szu Yu Chen joined The Washington Post as a graphics reporter based on the West Coast in 2022. Before joining The Post, she worked as a data and graphics reporter at the Los Angeles Times and as a news graphics intern at Bloomberg News.
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Tracking presidential candidates for the 2024 election

We are tracking the Democrats and Republicans who have announced they are running for president in the 2024 election and who might announce next.

March 5, 2023

    How big was the Turkey-Syria earthquake?

    The 7.8-magnitude Turkey-Syria earthquake released 30 quadrillion joules of energy. Explore how magnitudes are logarithmically measured and who much energy is released.

    February 8, 2023

      Atmospheric rivers won’t end California’s drought

      The epic rains in California this month aren’t enough to solve the state’s drought problems.

      January 14, 2023

        Here’s which House members voted for or against the $1.7 trillion spending bill

        Here’s which House members voted for or against the $1.7 trillion spending bill

        December 23, 2022

        Here’s how each Senate member voted for or against the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill to fund the government

        See how the bill would avert a shutdown and increase spending on domestic programs and the military passed in the Senate.

        December 22, 2022

        See how lasers led to a nuclear fusion milestone

        Take a visual tour of the National Ignition Facility to see how scientists used its powerful laser array to create what amounts to a miniature star.

        December 14, 2022