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“They’re applying on-campus rules to these children, even though they’re learning virtually in their own homes,” said the family's attorney, Chelsea Cusimano.
  • Sep 25, 2020
“The biggest challenge for us that we’re experiencing right now is people are just being dishonest,” said Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department Officer Kirsten Johnson.
  • Sep 24, 2020
So much vitriol has flowed at the couple, who weren’t identified by police, that authorities are urging locals to accept that family will now face some justice in court.
  • Sep 23, 2020
On Monday, the Texas Rangers arrested Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman on sexual assault and other charges after two other government employees said he groped them and verbally harassed them
  • Sep 22, 2020
Jay Butler, the CDC’s deputy director for infectious disease, said the Friday update saying it was “possible” that the virus spreads via airborne transmission was posted in error.
  • Sep 21, 2020
Both the FBI and local law enforcement in Oregon have urged people to stop spreading false claims that extremists are starting wildfires.
  • Sep 18, 2020
The military has spent millions on the weapon hoping it could become a less-lethal crowd control option. But other than tests on luckless journalists and military volunteers, the devices have never been used.
  • Sep 17, 2020
When President Trump tweeted a viral clip of Joe Biden early on Wednesday, it wasn't "Despacito" playing on his phone. Instead, it was N.W.A's notorious 1988 anti-police single.
  • Sep 16, 2020
Dawn Wooten, who worked full-time at the Irwin County Detention Center until July, outlined her allegations in a complaint filed to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General by a coalition of advocacy groups.
  • Sep 15, 2020