T.J. Ortenzi

Washington, D.C.

General assignment editor

Education: Loyola University of New Orleans

T.J. Ortenzi is a general assignment editor.
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    Everything, all at once: The stories of 2020

    How The Washington Post covered a year like no other

    December 23, 2020

      Entertaining tips for nervous hosts: Curing your case of the 2020s

      In this episode of Mary Beth Won't Dine Alone, Washington hostess Sally Quinn talks entertaining with Mary Beth Albright and gathering people together.

      January 28, 2020

      ‘Protect Mueller’: Protesters across U.S. decry president’s dismissal of Sessions as attorney general

      Protesters in Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and more cities say Trump "crossed a red line" that violates the independence of Mueller's Russia investigation.

      November 8, 2018

      A high school cheerleader gave out pot brownies to win homecoming votes, police say

      School officials say the teen was barred from participating in homecoming ceremonies after the alleged plot was discovered.

      October 4, 2018

      Melania Trump issues statement in support of LeBron James after president insults him

      Melania Trump's spokeswoman cites Be Best, says first lady would be open to visiting LeBron James's new school.

      August 4, 2018

      Jaguar escapes zoo habitat, moves from enclosure to enclosure, killing trapped animals

      Valerio, a 3-year-old male jaguar, went on a territorial killing rampage at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

      July 16, 2018

      Starbucks fires barista for mocking stuttering customer with drink label

      When the customer said his name was Sam, the barista wrote "SSSam."

      July 5, 2018

      Florida officials find ‘evidence’ of missing woman after capturing, killing 12-foot alligator

      Local broadcaster WPLG reports that a human arm was found inside the reptile.

      June 9, 2018

      Hunt for Golden State Killer led detectives to Hobby Lobby for DNA sample

      Detectives swabbed the suspect's car door for DNA and pulled a tissue from his trash can.

      June 2, 2018

      ‘Hero’ teacher released from hospital after Indiana school shooting, says congresswoman

      Jason Seaman, 29, a former football player at Southern Illinois University and 13-year-old Ella Whistler were wounded by gunfire in the shooting.

      May 27, 2018