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More than 16,000 arrests and 4,000 convictions have been recorded since the anti-drug drive began.

  • Jul 12, 2018

Police were searching for at least three other babies whom they suspect were sold by two people working for the charity.

  • Jul 6, 2018

Farming mantras were tested out by the minister's wife on her orchids — before being promoted to farmers through WhatsApp videos.

  • Jul 4, 2018

Police found handwritten notes describing a mystical suicide ritual at the scene of the crime.

  • Jul 3, 2018

Mumbai is the largest Indian city to enforce the ban, joining a handful of countries such as Kenya and Rwanda in introducing jail time for using plastic bags.

  • Jun 26, 2018

An estimated 185,000 refugees are at immediate risk of being caught in landslides or floods in the coming months.

  • Jun 24, 2018

Neighbors rescued Toyoba Khatun, a 65-year-old Rohingya refugee, after a mudslide buried her alive June 10 during the first rains of the monsoon in Bangladesh.

  • Jun 22, 2018

Restricted or forbidden in Myanmar, pants are becoming a social statement for male refugees.

  • Jun 18, 2018

To many, the episode amounts to Priyanka betraying India over the sensitive issue of Kashmir.

  • Jun 6, 2018

Critics say that the latest changes to the textbooks are unbalanced and could skew children's perceptions of politics and current events.

  • Jun 1, 2018
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