Zoeann Murphy

Washington DC

Video journalist
Zoeann is an Emmy award winning visual journalist on staff at The Washington Post. She reports largely on humanitarian and environmental crises as well as covering breaking news. She has worked in over 20 countries. In recent years, she’s focused on forced migration, covid-19, and climate change.
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    For this Navy vet, Club Q was the center of her community

    Teagan Gilbert, a Navy veteran and member at the Sherlock's Homes Foundation, shares what Club Q and the LGBTQ community means to her.

    November 23, 2022

      Club Q shooting survivor speaks of community recovery, loss

      Anthony, a survivor of the Club Q shooting, spoke from Centura Penrose Hospital about what Club Q meant to the community and the friends lost.

      November 22, 2022

        Army vet who stopped Club Q shooter: 'I wish it on no one'

        Richard Fierro disarmed the Club Q shooter in Colorado Springs, Colo. Being portrayed as a hero, he said: "there are heroes everyday."

        November 22, 2022

          A community mourns the loss of lives at Club Q

          Community members, close friends and former employees paid respects to the five victims who lost their lives in a mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

          November 22, 2022

          Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico as a Category 1 storm. Flooding still wrought havoc.

          Hurricane Fiona triggered floods in Puerto Rico that destroyed homes, roads and bridges. The U.S. government allocated more than $3 billion for hazard mitigation after Hurricane Maria. But few projects have gotten underway.

          September 23, 2022

            How Hurricane Fiona compares to Maria

            Hurricane Fiona slammed into Puerto Rico on Sept. 18, damaging an island still reeling from Hurricane Maria, that struck five years earlier.

            September 23, 2022

              Hurricane Fiona sinks family home

              Leida Rodriguez, 50, poured her life savings into building a home she planned to retire in. Devastating floods from Hurricane Fiona washed that dream away overn

              September 22, 2022

                Survivors of Fiona wait for help: ‘I’ll take anything’

                Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico on Sept. 18, leaving residents without power, water and safe shelter. Residents from Ponce and Salinas shared their stories.

                September 22, 2022

                  How gene editing could revive a nearly lost tree

                  Environmental reporter Dino Grandoni explains how gene editing could bring back the American chestnut tree.

                  August 30, 2022

                    Climate bill sparks enthusiasm, yet some still face barriers

                    The climate bill is a game changer for many Americans. Yet, some advocates say it’s the tip of the iceberg for providing solar to low-income communities.

                    August 25, 2022